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What it Conductive Education

Conductive Education (CE) is an exceptional program that helps children with motor disabilities function as independently as possible. With repetitive movement and education, this program nurtures emotional, social and cognitive needs while addressing motor function. Conductive Education helps its students realize self-reliance through high expectations.

The Conductive Education philosophy is based on the adaptive powers of the brain and neurological system. Through repetitive tasks, the brain finds new ways to send messages to various muscle groups in order to execute and strengthen the desired movements.

CE originated in Budapest, Hungary and is based on the work of Dr. Andras Peto who established the Institute for Conductive Education of the Motor Disabled (Peto Institute) in 1952. His vision was to help students function independently so they could attend a regular school.

A Snapshot of Conductive Education:

  • One Conductor leads the class through a series of repetitive excercises

  • Use of special equipment (ladders, chairs, plinths, tabletops) to create the prescribed environment

  • Activities include teaching life skills and age appropriate academic and social lessons (i.e. potty training, snack time, music)

  • Classes are typically grouped by children's age and ability

Conductive Education:

Cerebral Palsy:



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