A Child Can Do All Things

Who Can Benefit and What Are the Benefits

Who can Benefit?

Any child with Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, motor disabilities or developmental delay who…

  • Would like to see improved and accelerated results through a more intensive approach
  • Would like to address motor, cognitive, social and academic needs under one roof
  • Needs to learn how to better adapt to the school environment as well as society

Benefits to the Child

  • Incorporates fine and gross motor skills along with self-care skills in an educational setting
  • Our program allows for the child to have a tailored curriculum to ensure proper growth and progress in the program
  • Small group classes promote a social environment that actively involves the child in his/her own intellectual and physical education
  • Compared to traditional therapies which can cost $100-125 per hour, Conductive Education gives you more program for less money. Our classes typically run around 6 hours long, creating routine for the child and enabling them to learn faster.




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